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UK National Health Study

Our health – our research

The challenge

We need accurate and timely information in order to build a resilient population and environment, tackle the aftermath of COVID, and prepare for the next crisis – be it epidemic, climate or ecological or financial.

In order to obtain this information, the UK urgently needs an efficient system for listening to the UK population and testing different ways to prevent and manage disease and tackle the major challenges for UK public health:

  • Virus protection and recovery

  • Strengthening ways to prevent and manage disease and improve health

  • Developing healthy and sustainable places and communities

The solution

The UK National Health Study is an ambitious new ‘listening and testing’ platform to help address these challenges.

Every adult in the UK can help by filling in short ‘Direct to Public’ surveys. You do not need to give any personal information in order to complete these surveys.

v-HAWK logoOur first survey is the Virus-Health And Wellbeing checKer (V-HAWK). This short (four-minute) survey collects information about your health (virus related symptoms, COVID status, health related quality of life, long standing health conditions, treatments being used).

Further surveys will focus on other important areas (including diet quality, food insecurity, stress, isolation, economic hardship)

Those who complete any of these surveys are then invited to join the UK National Health Study. Those who join will and provide further information (eg by filling in repeat surveys). This will create a ‘listening and testing’ platform. In the future, some people will be randomly selected for new treatments using the latest modern ‘patient centred’ trial designs. Those eligible for a treatment and selected (at random) to be offered a treatment will be contacted. Those not selected, will not be re-contacted, but the results of every trial will be shared with everyone as soon as they are known.

The UK National Health Study combines ‘direct to public’ surveys and modern ‘patient centred’ trial design. This provides an infrastructure that allows every adult in the UK to be part of health research.

This exciting combination will allow our health systems (Public and NHS, small and large) become healthier health systems in the future … one voice at a time.